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NYC Marathon

Gwen Retterer – Mile 5 in Brooklyn
Amy and I met up this morning to travel to our mile 5 fluid station in Brooklyn together. We were worried about not being able to find it, but that was quickly put to rest because we saw a flood of people in lime green ponchos as we came up from the subway station. We happened to see the group of the lead female runners go by. It was an exciting way to get started. At our fluid station, there was a long stretch of tables near to the sidewalk, then a parallel set of tables in the middle of the road. We were going to go to the tables in the middle of the road, however once the runners started to come there was no way we could cross the street without interfering in their race. It was incredible the amount of people that ran by us. We ended up staying on the side of the street we entered on and I went back behind the tables to help fill water cups. Volunteering at the marathon was a very touching experience. Being there in person, I could understand why volunteers really make that race what it is–all the cheering, shouts of encouragement, ‘thank you’ from the runners, and working together with other volunteers made for a memorable day. It was amazing to hear and see the river of people coming down the street towards the fluid station. I would do it again in heartbeat.

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