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ST MARY'S College Of Health Sciences is an up-and-coming tertiary institute situated in Ghana. We believe that the healthcare sector should be filled with dedicated professionals who want to help people, which is why we select the top candidates to become a part of our prestigious three-year General Nursing program. We instill the values of hard work, consistency, and determination in our students and promise them an exceptional experience at our campus. We assist our students through every step of the way and make these three years an experience of a lifetime. With a perfect blend of conventional medical knowledge and modern learning tools and equipment, we train our students to grow into well-rounded individuals who are ready to step into the fast-paced healthcare field.

Contact our admissions office or the administration to find out more about our application process, due dates, fee details, and more.

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ST Mary's College Of Health Sceiences
Baatsona, Accra, Ghana

0537 770 162​​
(+233) 50 064 2700 ​​(International)

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    St. Mary's College of Health Sciences is a Nursing College in Ghana, with the requisite Government Accreditations (National Nurses and Midwifery Council, and Ghana National Accreditation Board) to offer world class Nursing programmes, leading to the GRN (RN) qualification.

    0537 770 162

    (+233) 50 064 2700 ​​(International)

    Baatsona, Accra, Ghana

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