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St Mary's College Of Health Sciences Nursing Offers A Three-Year Diploma In General Nursing To Extensively Train Students And Encourage Them To Grow Into Resourceful Healthcare Professionals Working In The Healthcare Sector And Devoting Your Lives To Helping The Ailing And Sick Is A Dream Of The Most Generous People In The World. St Mary's College Of Health Sciences, Is A Tertiary Institute Situated In Ghana That Provides A Three-Year General Nursing Diploma. Our Three-Year Diploma Offers A Fast-Track Route Into The Healthcare Industry And Opens Up The Diploma-Holders To Plentiful Opportunities. St, Mary’s College of Health Sciences has University of Cape Coast (UCC) as her affiliate University. Therefore graduates will receive their General Diploma Certificates from UCC, in addition to any certificates issued by the College. We Believe That Students In Ghana Deserve Access To World- Class Education So They Can Grow Into Exceptional Healthcare Professionals And Strive To Help Those Who Need It The Most. We Stand Out Because We Believe In Quality Learning And Aim To Create An Engaging Learning Environment Where Aspiring Nurses Feel Motivated To Gain Knowledge And Grow. Quality Education And Experienced Faculty:    At St Mary’s College Of Health Sciences Nursing, We Are Committed To Providing Aspiring Nurses Access To Quality Education And Lectures Taught By Healthcare Experts. Our Course Outlines Are Designed To Suit Your Needs And Are Constantly Updated As The Healthcare Sector Evolves To Benefit You In The Future.   State-Of-The-Art Labs And Classrooms:   We Have Furnished Our Campus With State-Of-The-Art Departments And Classrooms To Create An Environment That Will Motivate Students To Learn. With Top-Notch Facilities And Equipment, Students Can Easily Understand The Complexities Of Human Anatomy.   Practical And Engaging Learning Environment:   We Work With The Leading Healthcare Professionals And Lecturers That Have A Passion For Teaching. Our Professors Create An Engaging Study Environment That Drives Students To Participate In Lectures Actively And Understand The Course Material Comprehensively.   Affordable Education:   At ST Mary’s College Of Health Sciences Nursing, We Aim To Bring Your Dreams To Reality. With Numerous Financial Aid Options And Reasonable Fees, We Make It Easy For Aspiring Nurses To Gain Quality Education Without Worrying About Their Financial Capacity.


St. Mary's College of Health Sciences is a Nursing College in Ghana, with the requisite Government Accreditations (National Nurses and Midwifery Council, and Ghana National Accreditation Board) to offer world class Nursing programmes, leading to the GRN (RN) qualification.

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Baatsona, Accra, Ghana

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