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Running for an experience!!!

ST Marys College is very proud of what our participants do to immerse themselves in the Ghana culture. Here is one of our Japanese participants Takahiro Kogi doing his Trainee program in the Baatson area. He participated in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series and had a very warm experience. He states: “While I was running, many people including volunteer staffs cheered me up, I felt I became a member of Baatson and thanks to that, I could keep running all the way through the super long way“.

We like to encourage our participants to be part of these types of events to get a close experience while they are in Ghana because it is a way to get involved in the community and get to know people. Takahiro has said that he was glad to challenge himself and enjoy this community event, “I definitely think this was a precious chance for me to know well about our neighborhood and neighbors“.

Baatson is a very active city with many beautiful and unique places to discover and enjoy. Takahiro has recognized that he didn’t know some beautiful spots that he saw while he was in the run and he was amazed to be able to discover these beautiful places in Chicago.

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